New Tenchu 4 trailer shows just about every way to kill a person

Tenchu 4’s website has been updated, giving us a new trailer, which details many of the game’s moves, features, and more. So, let’s get into what the video’s saying, shall we?

First off, they talk about the controls. “The Wii controls will be simple so that just about anyone can use the ninja moves.” You can quickly dodge from shadowy area to shadowy area by flicking the remote back and forth. The game’s controls will allow you to simply attack enemies, and when the screen suddenly pulsates, you can press the command on screen and perform a stylistic kill on the enemy.

What I love is the long sequence where they show just about every way you can kill someone. This will include pulling people into the bushes, inviting them into a little cabinet and killing them in there, using a fishing pole, knock them into a torch and set them aflame, and much much more.

And then there’s the moves to help you out, like thrashing a cat about in order to have it fetch a key for you, knock out torches to hide in the fire, and more. They also have a quick portion showing off Red Steel-esque controls for when you enter into special swordfights.

So, what do you guys think of the game? As soon as I hear “make the controls simple,” I have a knee-jerk reaction to worry about it. But thinking about it, since the Wii controls aren’t as accurate as they need to be, simplifying it is the best way to make the game playable and not a mess when you try to do overly-complicated moves. Hopefully the game can still provide a challenge.

Well, we’ll see what the reviews say when the game comes out on October 23rd.