New Taiko cameos: YMCK, Dragon Quest, Idolmaster

The Taiko Drum Master series has a new Wii game coming, called Taiko no Tatsujin Dodon to 2 Dai Me. Sticks and all it’ll cost 7,980 yen when released on November 19th. Why am I talking yen? Well, this is never coming here. The playlist ensures that. If it does come, it’ll be in dumbed-down (round-eyed) form, without the crazy playlist that makes Taiko so great. 

Speaking of play list, songs from games Dragon Quest IX and Idolmaster, and 8-bit pop group YMCK will be included. And, along with these songs are in-game cameos. For the Dragon Quest music, fat and happy Slimes will join in on the fun. For Idolmaster, the Imas girls will hang out and cheer you on. Even YMCK’s pixelated stand-ins show face, and along with them come 8-bit scenery.

Keep in mind that you can easily negate all of this coolness by using your Mii in-game.

As Colette said earlier, this is just begging to be imported.

[via Game Watch]

Dale North