New survival horror game coming to Wii

Developer Deep Silver has revealed to IGN the concept for a brand new survival horror which it aims to exclusively bring to the Wii. Going by the name of Cursed Mountain, you are placed in the chilly boots of a 1980s mountain climber, scaling the Himalayas to find his missing brother.

“As he ascends the mountain, he encounters an ancient curse,” expounds Deep Silver. “The souls of the people who died in that region are stuck in limbo, caught in the Shadow World.” Players will meet a cast of villagers, pilgrims, monks, ghosts and demons as they search for a brother that most likely isn’t even alive. 

“Controlling the character in the physical world is straight forward. In certain situations we utilize motion sensing for climbing, balancing, chases etc.,” explains Deep Silver, discussing the “gesture-based” control system. “But when you enter the Bardo, the shadow world, you sense the enemies with the IR pointer and you use praying and fighting gestures to defeat the evil spirits. Depending on the difficulty of your opponents you will fight with simpler or more complex gestures and with one or two hands.”

Interestingly, Deep Silver is touting the graphics of Cursed Mountain, claiming that this Wii exclusive will boast “advanced” visuals and “amazing scenery.” It also promises to be a grim and rather adult adventure, and it’s certainly encouraging to see more developers brave enough to attempt that on the Wii. Hopefully this turns out to be a decent one, and we can look forward to seeing more than concept art soon.

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