New super-portable gaming desktop from Alienware

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Alienware, long known for its hulking desktops and bulky laptops, has a new line of customizable desktops that are designed to be svelte little LAN boxes.

The X51s are pretty decently priced, offering mid-to-high performance. They range from $699 to $1150 without a monitor. The low-tier boxes carry an i3-2120 while the top-shelf packs in a Sandy Bridge i7-2600 and an nVidia GeForce 555. Not the best out there, but pretty solid for the price.

As a huge proponent of LAN parties, I like that they’re offering smaller, cheaper, good-enough rigs for those who don’t feel like building their own. Makes it a lot easier to move around than my old 55lb 1/4in steel full ATX tower. 

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