New Super Nintendo World park trademark includes kart racing and hotels

They gotta have kart racing

I’m somewhat concerned about the Super Nintendo World and Universal theme park partnership, if only because they’re splitting their efforts between Japan, Orlando, and Hollywood (so far they’ve hinted that not every location will get the same attractions) — but as someone who dreamed of going to a video game park as a kid, I’m interested in seeing what they come up with.

Now we have some semblance of an idea beyond “themed worlds,” as a trademark filed by Nintendo sheds some light on the sort of concepts they want to bring to Universal. Most notably is the “management or arrangement of kart racing,” as well as “hotel accommodation services.”

Given that Universal just built new hotel properties in Orlando the latter is probably limited to Hollywood or Japan only, but then again Super Nintendo World is only slated to drop in 2020 in Japan, with an undisclosed date for the US.

87462048 [USPTO]

Chris Carter
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