New sUpeR MaRio GalAxY trailer, courtesy of Amazon

Not often a source of exclusives, nevertheless has a new trailer of Super Mario Galaxy, a game that many of us are seeking as salvation this Christmas. The above video ticks all the Wii trailer boxes — bright colors and token shots of morons waggling the controllers around having such a nice time.

On a side note, can we just stop it with the footage of people waving the Wiimotes and grinning inanely? I think everybody’s got it now, and I’m sick to death of watching these cringeworthy fools demonstrate what prats we will all get to look like.

Anyway, this is more of the same from Super Mario Galaxy, which isn’t a bad thing at all. I’ve always got time for gameplay footage that shows how titles should be looking on the Wii, as opposed to the shamelessly lazy efforts of third party developers. Once this is finally released, nobody has an excuse anymore. You have been warned.

[Thanks Justin]

James Stephanie Sterling