New Super Mario Bros. Wii video will make you want it now

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So this isn’t colored by the fact that I played a four-player game of New Super Mario Bros. Wii with its creator, Shigeru Miyamoto, but I’m pretty sure this game is going to be awesome

Like a lot of people, playing Super Mario Bros. on the Nintendo Entertainment System and mastering its levels and secrets is one of my earliest gaming memories. In many ways, New Super Mario Bros. Wii is a “back to basics” Mario game, one that has the feel of an old-screen side-scroller with a modern twist. The levels I’ve seen feel familiar, yet are completely unique in their execution. 

In short — November 15 can’t come soon enough. Oh, and bring friends — playing with three other people is way more exciting in practice than it sounds on paper… even if one of them won’t be Miyamoto.

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