New Suikoden: Tierkreis screens and multiplayer details revealed

All it takes is the word Suikoden to get me worked upp — I have been a fan of the series since the first game and I have been waiting for more news on the upcoming DS title Suikoden: Tierkreis. Konami has granted my wishes this morning, coming through with a slew of new screens and info. Thanks, guys!

We now know that the game will be out in March of 2009 and will offer online play through the Nintendo Wi-Fi connection as well as the single player experience. It seems as if you can send your characters on a quest and have another person complete it for you, which sounds a little odd, but I think it’ll probably all make sense once I actually see how it works. 

We still have a while to wait, but for now hit the gallery to see all the new screenshots. I’m excited! Are you going to pick this one up once it’s released?

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