New Street Fighter V patch notes apparently not April Fool’s joke

Buffs for Cammy and Nerfs for Juri? Seemz legit

During the Top Eight of yesterday’s Street Fighter V NorCal Regionals, Capcom relayed to the stream’s commentary team that a balance update was coming to the flagship fighter this week. The commentators were instructed to specifically mention it wasn’t an April Fool’s joke.

Later that day, an entire list of patch notes for Street Fighter V Ver.3.5 dropped on official blog Capcom Unity, listing changes that have gotten many players thinking that it might be a joke. Top-tier monsters like Cammy and powerful folk like Menat received new buffs buffs, whilst struggling bottom five fighters, such as Juri, received further nerfs.

Alongside balance changes implemented for the entire 30-strong roster, the new update plans to overhaul the game’s Crush Counter system, notably adjusting the scaling for CC combos. Also of note, once again, throw techs and V-Reversals have been tweaked.

It’s apparently all quite legit. Although SFV is generally in a somewhat better place right now than it ever was, the fact Capcom can drop a full list of patch notes, and leave the community so confused about the balance changes that they think it might be a prank, simply writes itself. Even a bunch of the world’s best players took to twitter to shrug at the whole affair.

Street Fighter V 3.5 will reportedly go live on April 3, no beta this time, just going straight in, it seems. You can find the full list of patch notes right here. Sucks to be Ryu, or Birdie, or Mika, or…

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