New Street Fighter IV fighter revealed and first video of El Fuerte in action

Japan continues to get some major loving as evidence by the new Street Fighter IV Arcade testing. This latest build of the game has El Fuerte as a playable character and is said to have Vega and M.Bison as playable fighters as well. Can’t confirm Vega and M. Bison returning for sure until we see some pictures or video, but we do have this video of El Fuerte battling it out with Zangief after the jump.

This latest testing of the game has also revealed a new fighter as evidence by this first video above. His name is Rufus and he’s fatter than E. Honda. Even though he’s obese like crazy, he seems to move pretty fast still.

I wasn’t really sure about El Fuerte at first, but seeing him in action has made me like the guy now. His moves look to be extremely quick, kind of like Vega. What do you all think of El Fuerte and Rufus?

[Via NeoGAF and power-glove’s C-Blog]

Hamza Aziz