There are two Story of Seasons games in development, and one of them is going multiplayer

New Story of Seasons

Because doing chores alone is dull

The Story of Seasons series continues to be the breadwinner for the developers at Marvelous, so it’s never a surprise when there is one in development. During the Marvelous Game Showcase, we got our first look at the new Story of Seasons title. The theme of the game, according to series manager Hikaru Nakano, will be “Experiences.” There wasn’t much footage of it in the showcase, but what was there showed the team is working hard on its visuals. While I thought Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town looked just fine, I think the direction the team is going with the new game is sharp.

Information on the new Story of Seasons is still scarce, but that didn’t stop Nakano from announcing a future series entry during the stream. This also-unnamed Story of Seasons title is being developed around the theme of “a Story of Seasons you can play with everyone.” As the series has mostly been a solitary experience throughout its life, it’ll be interesting to see how Marvelous implements the concept. I have to wonder if the wild success of Animal Crossing: New Horizons, which made playing with friends easier than ever before, pushed Nakano in this direction.

If I had to put any money on it, I’d wager we’ll be seeing more of the first new Story of Seasons game sometime in early 2024. I am curious about what platforms the game will release on as Nakano said it will “…reach more players than ever before.” That sounds like code for a mobile game to me, but it could be a cross-platform experience along the lines of Genshin Impact.

As for the multiplayer entry, one can only guess when it’ll release and for what platforms. Both games are “diligently under development,” according to the showcase. If you can’t wait that long, Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life releases next month.

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