New Steam game A Mortician’s Tale hopes to make players reflect a little on mortality

Faces of Death

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A new game by Toronto-based outfit Laundry Bear Games launched on Steam today, where players step into the shoes of a young mortician as she goes about her work, with hopes that experiencing the game and its story may help remove some of the stigma, or fear, of death.

A Mortician’s Tale is an isometric, narrative-driven and self-professed “death-positive’ game where players take the role of Charlie, a young woman who has recently started work at the Rose & Daughters funeral home. The player will assist Charlie in her daily duties, from tasks such as cleaning and preparing the viewing room, to embalming or cremating cadavers, attending the funerals of the deceased, and speaking with their loved ones.

There is also a window on the monetary aspects of the funeral industry, as Charlie grows in her role with Rose & Daughters, while the company’s reputation and stature blooms within the industry.

By blending matter-of-fact physical work with emotional dialogue and even some humor, A Mortician’s Tale hopes to help us reflect a little about our own views and fears in regards to mortality, ironically presented in a medium where death itself is often a regular, but throwaway occurrence.

A Mortician’s Tale is available now for PC and Mac.

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