New Starlink trailer includes appearances from Star Fox villains

Bark at the Moon

A new trailer for recently-launched toys-to-life sci-fi adventure Starlink: Battle for Atlas pushes the new IP’s crossover with Nintendo’s Star Fox franchise further, featuring a glimpse at some familiar antagonists.

Responding to a mercy call from Starlink pilots under fire, Fox McCloud and his faithful crew, jet into battle, accompanied by a funky remix of the classic Star Fox stage one theme. However, there is evil lurking in the galaxy, and we get to see it in the form of arch-villain Andross and Fox’s eternal rival, Wolf McDonnell. Also, someone says “Do a barrel roll”, because that’s a thing.

Starlink launched last week to a fairly positive response from both critics and fans. If you’re interested in jetting off into the great unknown yourself, then check out CJ Andriessen’s review right here, along with this nifty buyer’s guide to the various sets on offer.

Starlink: Battle for Atlas is available now on PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

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