New Star Wars: The Old Republic novel is all about Revan

BioWare writer Drew Karpyshyn has been working on a The Old Republic novel — the third one in a Del Rey published series of TOR novels — and now its title has been reveald: Revan.

Revan will focus on Knights of the Old Republic‘s protagonist and will finally disclose what happens to Revan after the events of KOTOR. Karpyshyn says that while KOTOR had a lot of player choice for Revan’s story, the book will follow the canon where Revan is male and ends up choosing the Light Side ending. The entire story will start after KOTOR and continue throughout and beyond KOTOR II.

Some of the companions of the KOTOR games will also feature in the novel, although Karpyshyn only wanted to mention Canderous, T3-M4, the Exile and Bastila Shan. Revan should also provide readers with a better understanding of the Old Republic-era Sith Empire and the Sith Emperor, which is very different from the ones in the movies or even the lore of the Great Hyperspace War comics. As such it provides some background for the universe of TOR — even though Revan is set about 300 years before the other TOR novels.

Finally, even though Karpyshyn also wrote the Darth Bane books, Revan should be seen as a separate entity — not in the least because their events are 3000 years apart. Look for the new Star Wars novel “later this year” and probably before TOR launches one day. While you wait, don’t click this link unless you have an hour to spend.

Drew Karpyshyn’s New Novel Revealed [SWTOR] [Image]

Maurice Tan