New Sonic Unleashed trailer: Sega won’t stop me this time

As I am sure you can all recall, Destructoid may have upset Sega a little bit by daring to give coverage on a good looking Sonic game. Well, Sega confirmed the game this past week out so I suppose we’re allowed to start talking about Sonic Unleashed again.

Not much to say about this teaser trailer, other than it confirms the fact that Sonic will indeed be turning into some kind of were-creature. This idea has upset a fair number of people, but I say we give it a chance before deciding outright that it sucks.

What worries me, however, is the fact that this trailer is flavored with a little bit of the “dark” and the “gritty,” and we all know what happens when Sonic Team attempts to be edgy. Bad things happen, in case you need reminding of Shadow the Hedgehog or 2006’s Sonic the Hedgehog.

We shall see. The boy who grew up adoring his Megadrive/Genesis still wants Sonic to be good, but Sonic Team nearly always seems to win at trailers and lose at games. Maybe the outside help from America and Europe will add some much-needed fresh influence though, so you never know. At least we can safely say that Sonic has no legacy left to ruin, so hey … we got nothing to lose, right?

[Also, to answer some prior questions, my How to Save Sonic the Hedgehog article was not removed due to Sega’s request. It was removed because I am a clumsy moron who presses the wrong buttons. We are looking at a seamless way to restore the piece, otherwise it will be reposted] 

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