New Singularity trailer reminds me that I want it… now

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So Singularity should have come out last year. Not because it Raven Software had completed the game, or because it would have made financial sense for Activision to release it among a holiday of huge releases. No, Singularity should have been out last year because I want it, damn it.

The game’s crazy time-shifting mechanics has my attention, as does the ability to be able to turn someone into a skeleton with said mechanic. While many people have written the game off as another generic shooter, from what I’ve seen, Singularity is anything but. But that’s only what I’ve seen… I still haven’t played it yet.

But I will soon — it’s supposedly out this June for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC. No more delays, Bobby Kotick, or I’ll turn you into steaming pile of flesh and bones. You’ve been warned.

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