New SimCity Creator screenshots

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Today, EA tossed us some pretty hip screenshots for the upcoming Wii title, SimCity Creator.  This latest incarnation of the SimCity franchise will seem very familiar to those who have been enjoying the games over the years. The idea of the game is to build, manage, and maintain a city. The big twist is that the locales and buildings are somewhat customizable this time around. Players will be able to choose different themes around which to build their cities. The list of themes includes archaic cultures like the Roman and Egyptian all the way to modern stuff like Las Vegas.

The screenshots below can give you a pretty good indication as to what EA is planning to bring to the table visually. If you notice, there are also quite a few pictures of the varying disasters that can be wrought upon your imaginary culture. Personally, I’m very familiar with disaster in SimCity games. Apparently, I’m just a terrible player. Perhaps I will get another shot at becoming the ultimate micromanager this September 22 when SimCity Creator hits store shelves.

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