New Silent Hill: Homecoming screenshots show off some nurse cleavage

It wasn’t long ago that Tiff got her paws on a playable demo of Konami’s upcoming Silent Hill: Homecoming. You guys are just going to have to settle for some new screenshots. Sorry!

All of the screens are painfully dark, which can mean either one of two things — they’ve nailed the atmosphere, or you’re just going to have to bump the brightness on our television to find that key you’ll be looking for. Maybe it means both of those things. But more importantly, I have a serious question to ask — have the nurses in Silent Hill always had such large, round breasts? If you ask me, Homecoming is straddling that fine line between pornography and a Marilyn Manson video.

Available on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, Silent Hill: Homecoming and these nurse boobs will be available later this year.

Nick Chester