New Sigma Harmonics screens reveal card use in battle

We’ve heard bits and pieces of information about Square’s upcoming mystery RPG Sigma Harmonics since Famitsu published scans of the title in March, and it certainly appears as if the title could be following in the footprints of The World Ends With You as far as innovation goes.

The new screens above and in the gallery reveal a screen with a card menu, which I had already heard word of but not seen actual pics of before this. It gets me thinking, how prominently will card use figure into this game? Famitsu interviewed the developers back in April, who commented that they wanted the feel of the game to echo Showa-era Japan, but ended up going with a parallel version of Tokyo instead.

I have to admit I’m keeping close tabs on this one, as the thing that lights my fire most of all these days is playing games brave enough to feature new and different concepts. Obviously, I’m a fan of card systems (see: Persona 3). Square fans, what do you think so far?

[Via NeoGAF — Thanks, Jonathan]

Colette Bennett