New Shogun 2 screens inundated with cherry blossom trees

We’ve got a handful of new screenshots (courtesy of the folks at VG247) from Creative Assembly’s upcoming Shogun 2: Total War, and all of them show some things in common: cherry blossom trees.

Sure, they also have a Japanese medieval setting, warfare, and samurai in common as well, but as with the little sashimono flags, it’s all about the pink cherry blossoms. And it fits! After all, it’s believed that cherry blossoms are pink because the roots of the trees absorb the blood of fallen warriors. And many warriors will fall, because the game is a Total War game. It’s practically a given at this point.

More importantly for Total War fans, though, the big new reveal is of the campaign map, where all the turn-based development, diplomacy and conquest happens. And man, that’s a pretty campaign map. It looks like someone wanted to turn Muramasa into a strategy game. It’s got fog, visible rice fields, cherry blossom trees, and a lot of style. Hopefully the next trailer will cover that gameplay, since the last one covered the real-time tactical stuff.

New Shogun 2 screens show map overviews, volcanoes, fighting [VG247 via Rock Paper Shotgun]

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