New Shaun White Snowboarding trailer and screens are very snowy

Shaun White and his crazy God damned hair are headed to the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, and Ubisoft has released a new trailer and screens for his game, Shaun White Snowboarding. I have to ask: do snowboarders actually do this crap in real life? I’m talking about the grinding on random logs and, when presented the opportunity, on the roofing of cabins.

I’ve been snowboarding only once, and I fell. A lot. While I had fun at the time, I woke up the next morning with a sore ass and extremely tired legs, which I’d imagine is what being in prison must feel like. So snowboarding experience is limited, but if videogames were any indication, every snowboarder is grinding on trees and jumping off of houses. Someone please confirm or deny. 

The game itself looks pretty nice, with open world mountains in places like Alaska, Europe, and Japan. Shaun White Snowboarding also supports online play, which could be a lot of fun with friends, especially all of that log/roof grinding.

I’m not sure what the hold up is with Electronic Art’s next-gen SSX title, but this looks like it’ll do. Anyone going to “hit the slopes” (and other likely-inappropriate snowboarding lingo) with me this holiday when Shaun White Snowboarding ships? Or are you looking at the Wii version for the Balance Board support?

Nick Chester