New screens: Wii version of Rygar is so totally not the PS2 version, we swear

In 2002, Tecmo released Rygar: The Legendary Adventure. The re-telling of their 8-bit classic was indeed Legendary, an excellent game that many overlooked at the time. Well, now it’s coming to the Wii as Rygar: The Battle of Argus

Tecmo are officially saying it’s “not the same Rygar,” trying to make us feel better about a port of a six-year-old game. What’s going to be fresh? New enemies, techniques and — of course — waggle. Additionally, the new “Gladiator Mode” will focus on the game’s new “swinging movement of the Wii Remote.”

So. There you have it. I have a copy of the PlayStation 2 game sitting on my shelf, and I have to admit, I haven’t played it in awhile. Regardless of how much I liked the original, I’m not sure how tempted I am to slap down the $39.99 when The Battle of Argus comes out this December. 

Regardless of how much you liked the original, I think everyone can agree they’d rather see a brand new title rather than a port. Anyone looking forward to picking this one up? 

Nick Chester