New screens for Summon Night: Twin Age

So not every Atlus game is perfect. Luckily, I don’t make final judgements easily (and am not apt to forget the awesome that was Persona 3 anytime soon), so my faith in their upcoming releases is unhindered. New screenshots and box art have come to light for their upcoming DS title, Summon Night: Twin Age, which comes out on May 20th. It still looks it’ll be a really lighthearted, fun RPG. From the screenshots, you can tell crafting is going to come into play, and it seems as if the touch screen will be used for most combat. I’m a big fan of that when well-implemented on the DS, so my hopes are high here.

In case you need a refresher course on the story, you can check out the game’s official website or sign up to be a member of the Atlus Faithful, which I’m not ready to withdraw my membership from anytime soon. You can also go poke around the series site, which is in Japanese but worth if if you either already love the Summon Night universe or are interested in learning more about what you’ve missed.

[Thanks Jonathan!]

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