New screens and gameplay info from Clive Barker’s Jericho

IGN has a bloody splattering of new images from Jericho, horror maestro Clive Barker’s latest dabbling in the gooey entrails of gaming. It’s all looking rather foul at the moment, and as a gore-hound Barker fan, I do of course mean rather great. The shots depict some exceedingly grimy and claustrophobic looking environments, populated with the kind of gleefully dismembered, S and M-loving denizens we’ve come to expect from Pinhead’s dad. It all bodes well for some particularly dark and dirty horror FPS action when the game appears in September. Check out the gallery for the pics.

The site has also had a run-through of selected parts of the game, revealing some new details on the gameplay mechanics. The game is a squad-based FPS, with the player leading a supernaturally powered team against the obligatory millenia-old demonic threat. Each member of the seven-strong squad has their own unique skills, ranging from the traditional snipers and heavy weapons experts through to exorcists, telekinetics, and the very Barkerian-sounding blood mage, who slices herself open to make use of her own haemoglobin in magic attacks.

While allies can be tactically placed nearer to or further from the carnage depending on their abilities, and given simple, Freedom Fighters-style orders, there’s also the option of jumping into any of their gore-soaked shoes at will in order to control them manually. Your teammates will of course make use of their talents independently when the need arises, but it’s always good to be able to take over should the AI start leading a character down the path of natural selection. 

Also featuring multiple eras to be traversed through an interesting sounding time travel element, and the promise of some multi-disciplinary combined attacks, the game seems to be shaping up to be a promising little trek through hell. Hopefully it will live up to the precedent set by Barker’s previous videogame input when it comes out for PC, Xbox 360 and PS3 in the fall. 

David Houghton