New screens and box art sneak in as Velvet Assassin Web site goes live

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Gamecock Media Group has blown up our mail boxes, alerting us that the official Web site for Replay Studios’ upcoming “stealthy game with a broad as the protagonist,” Velvet Assassin, has gone live.

The site explores the world and history of Velvet Assassin‘s heroine, Violette Summer, as she lay in a hospital bed dying. Spoiler alert? Not quite — the game itself is framed in flashbacks as Summer’s life supposedly slips away. The site also features screenshots, trailers, weapon descriptions, as well as details on the “Follow the Dream” gold hunt.

Gamecock have also sent a few new Velvet Assassin screens in our direction, as well as some nice and subtle box art for both the Xbox 360 and PC. We still haven’t had a chance to get our hands on the game, but having seen demos, it’s definitely showing some promise. I guess it helps that we like killing people in the dark. Oh crap … did we admit that in a public forum?  

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