New scans unleashed for Sonic Un … lea … I didn’t think this through

Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me. That’s how the old saying goes, but where does the shame lie when you’ve been fooled five hundred times? Sega intends to find out, it seems, as each new Sonic the Hedgehog sequel brings with it hope and promise, only to have such fool’s gold crumble into dust before your very eyes.

Sonic Unleashed is no different. I haven’t fully enjoyed a Sonic game since the first Sonic Advance, but damn it all if I’m not hoping once again that this time they’ll have nailed it. I didn’t learn my lesson with Sonic Heroes, I didn’t learn my lesson with Secret Rings, and I know that Sonic Unleashed won’t be the game to drum cold hard truth into my thick skull. 

Nevertheless, here are some Sonic Unleashed scans for other battered wives like myself to glance at and dream of Sega’s glory days. At the very least, I think it’s a testament to Sega and Sonic’s legacy that so many people continue to hold out for a sequel that will revive the hedgehog’s critical fortunes. For better or worse, Sega has a loyal fanbase that is begging for their continued love to be justified. It is my hope that those in charge realize they have a very important gift, one not to be squandered.

Jim Sterling