New Sam and Max Episode 2 gameplay video

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Gametap and Telltale have released the first gameplay video for the new, appropriately-titled Sam and Max episode, “Situation:Comedy”. This episode takes place in a TV studio, and the video shows Sam and Max hosting a cooking show, in which you can “violate the laws of God and Man.” I’ll admit, I lolled.

Don’t be fooled into trying to find any more videos though, the “Play Trailer” and “More Videos Coming Soon” buttons are just there to upset you – they lead to Episode 1 trailers and videos, respectively. Real sneaky.

I know a lot of Dtoid readers are into Sam and Max, so we’ll keep you posted. For future reference, “Situation:Comedy” will be availble on Gametap in just under 2 weeks, on 12/21/06.

Update 1: View the “Situation:Comedy” trailer here.

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