New Saints Row 2 trailer shows off the new weapons including shock paddles

Shock paddles? Seriously, shock paddles?! The last thing I ever thought a game would incorporate as a weapon would be a life saving device. Leave it to Saints Row 2 to really go over the top.

The new trailer shows off all the various locations you will visit while playing Saints Row 2. We also see a bunch of the vehicles and some of the over the top weapons we’ll be able to get our hands on in the game. Gas powered mini guns sound fun!

I really liking how over the top the game looks like. Whereas GTA IV looks to be going for a more realistic look, Saints Row 2 looks to keep the arcade style feel of the previous game. THQ also sent over some new screens, which you can check out below. The screens mostly show off the character customization aspect and some crib pimpage. 

For more info on Saints Row 2, check out Nick Chester’s impressions of the game. Anyone looking forward to Saints Row 2?  

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