New Roogoo screens for DS and Wii are awfully cute

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The majority of the Destructoid staff has been madly in love with Roogoo for about a year now, and hearing that this cheerful title is coming to both Wii and DS is wonderful news — this a game I would love to play on the go. The version of Roogoo for the Wii is called Twisted Towers (and the picture above is from that title), while the DS version is called Attack! Both games share some similar levels, but are not exactly the same game, so you’ll have to get both if you want the full Roogoo experience!

The first level of the game, called Grasslands, is shared on both the Wii and DS (see screens in the gallery). The second level differs, with the Wii’s version called Cavern and the DS version called Forest. Eventually, you’ll be up against the evil forces of the Meemoo, the Roogoo’s longtime enemies.

Roogoo Attack is slated for a Spring 2009 release for DS, while Roogoo Twisted Towers will be available sometime in the 1st quarter of 2009. Both look good, but I’m all about the DS version for that portable action. Which one looks good to you?

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