New ridiculousness: A Teflon?-coated mouse pad

How do you know when your need to perform well in PC FPS games may have become unhealthy? If you’re seriously considering the above product, you’re probably already there.

This is the Fierce Teflon® & Steel Mouse Surface. Yeah, that’s right. It’s a plate of steel with a Teflon® coating on a rubberized base. The idea is that, since Teflon® is so good at reducing friction, your speed with a mouse need no longer be hampered by… I don’t know what. Regular mouse pads?

This is silly and seems like an amazing waste of thirty dollars. I like things that are made out of steel, even at merely an aesthetic level, but this is an impractical solution to something I’ve never even considered to be a problem. They do throw in some additional Teflon® material so you can make your own mouse skates but I’d be careful about combining the two. Why, your mouse might slide right off the desk and plant itself in the skull of a nearby pet or loved one because you’ll no longer know your own power.

Fierce Teflon® & Steel Mouse Surface [Rude Gamewear]

Teflon® is a registered trademark of the DuPont Corporation. Teflon®

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