New releases: Madden NFL 11, Scott Pilgrim and more

The big release of this week easily goes to Madden NFL 11. No, it’s not just another roster update, haters. Go check out Samit Sarkar’s review to find out what’s new and hot about the latest in FOOTBALL!

On the digital side, PSN gets Scott Pilgrim vs. the World and XBLA gets Monday Night Combat. Both are pretty awesome games and deserve your attention. Also, there is a massaging game for WiiWare. Yes, really.

What’s looking sw33t to you this week, Dtoiders? Check out the trailers after the break!

PS3: Madden NFL 11

PSN: Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

X360: Madden NFL 11

XBLA: Monday Night Combat

Wii: Madden NFL 11

PS2: Madden NFL 11

PSP: Madden NFL 11

iPad/iPhone: Madden NFL 11

WiiWare: Enjoy your massage, My Aquarium 2

DSiWare: Rhythm Core Alpha, TURN: The Lost Artifact, Absolute Chess, Did it Myself ABC123

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World (PSN)

Monday Night Combat (XBLA)


Hamza Aziz