New releases for the week of New Years

It’s another week of no releases in the videogame world. I’m checking my various sources and most of them are saying that Kawasaki Quad Bikes, Rig Racer 2, Classic British Motor Racing, and Monster Trux: Offroad are all supposed to be out this week. But checking out the company that is making all of these games, Popcorn Arcade, two of the games should have been out already, one will be out in February, and the last title is sometime in January.

Whatever the case is, I wouldn’t recommend any of these games. Actually, if you really do want one of these titles, you just need to pick one of them and it will be exactly the same as the rest. Thanks to ScrewAttack’s SAGY awards, we found out the Ninjabread Man and Anubis II are the exact same games with a different paint job (both from Popcorn Arcade).

Not much else to say other than that I didn’t want Nick to have a hissy fit at me if I made another two word post like last week.

WVC: Bubble Bobble, Top Hunter, Light Crusader
X360: Nothing
Wii: Maybe nothing
PS3: Nothing, but that’s not surprising for PS3 owners … OH SNAP!
PS2: Why are they still making games for it?
PSP: UMDs are the future.
DS: Why make a third redesign?
PC: We need more coverage of the PC market.
Mac: LOL.
GameCube: No one cares anymore.
Xbox: Just mod it already.
Mobile: It would be worth talking about Mobile gaming if our phones weren’t ten years behind the Japanese phones. 

Next week to be better for new games.  

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