New releases for the week of 07/23/07

Hey everybody, Guitar Hero 80s edition is out this week! Do you know what that means? Yeah, that’s right! You’re about to spend $50 for thirty tracks performed by cover bands on songs that came out twenty years ago! Sorry, don’t mind me, I’m a cynical bastard.

Aside from Guitar Hero, the other big games to me this week Kirby’s Dream Course and Final Fantasy II. What’s looking sw33t to you this week Dtoiders? 

WVC: Kirby’s Dream Course, Devil’s Crush, Shining Force
XBLA: Wing Commander Arena, Super Contra
X360: NASCAR 08
PS2: Guitar Hero 80s edition, Persona 3, NASCAR 08
PC: Combat Mission: Shock Force, Civilization IV
PSP: Final Fantasy II, Alien Syndrome
DS: Dynasty Warriors
Wii: Alien Syndrome, Escape from Bug Island

Combat Mission: Shock Force


Final Fantasy II Anniversary Edition

(PSP)Dynasty Warriors DS: Fighter’s Battle (DS)

Alien Syndrome

(Wii, PSP)

Escape from Bug Island


Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3



(X360, PS3, PS2)

Civilization IV: Beyond the Sword


Hamza Aziz