New releases for the week of 05/05/08

Not too much out this week, but that makes sense since there were two major titles released just last week. Easily the biggest game of this week is Steven Spielberg’s Boom Blox for the Nintendo Wii. From everything I’ve heard, the game is a ton of fun and very addictive. Can’t wait to try it out.

Other than that, R-Type Command is calling out to me. What’s looking sw33t to you? I’m still playing GTA IV. Damn side missions where you have to keep everyone happy are too distracting. 

Side note: Hey look, GameVideos finally got out of beta! It’s so pretty now. 

WVC: Pokemon Puzzle League, Renegade
XBLA: Wits & Wagers
Wii: Boom Blox, The Dog Island, Speed Racer
PSP: R-Type Command
PS2: Speed Racer
PC: Iron Man
DS: Brain Voyage, Crosswords DS 

The Dog Island (Wii)

R-Type Command (PSP)

Speed Racer (Wii, PS2)

Iron Man (PC)

Hamza Aziz