New releases for the week of 01/28/08

Only five games out this week (Not including the downloadable titles), and three of them are Bomberman titles! I actually had chance to play all the Bomberman games last month and can tell you all that the games are great. It’s basically one half Mario Party and one half classic Bomberman. I hate the story mode, as it slows things down, but the mini games are fun. The variations in classic Bomberman mode will help keep things fresh for a long time too.

Bomberman (any of the versions) are my picks for this week. What’s looking sw33t to you?

WVC: 1080° Snowboarding
Wii: Bomberman Land
PSP: Bomberman Land, Pursuit Force: Extreme Justice
DS: Bomberman Land Touch! 2
PC: The Sims: Castaway Stories 

The Sims: Castaway Stories

(PC — Trailer is for the original game, not the expansion.)Bomberman Land Touch! 2 (DS) Pursuit Force: Extreme Justice (PSP)

Hamza Aziz