New releases for the week of 01/14/08

When I saw Samurai Warriors: Katana on the list, I thought that it would probably be the best game on this week’s release list. After watching this trailer for it though, I realized how dead wrong I was. It’s bad enough that all the Warrior games are always the exact same thing (hack, hack, hack, move to new area), but this just takes the cake. 

As far as the rest of the games go this week, Nanostray 2 looks to be the best choice. What’s looking sw33t to you all?

WVC: Pac-Attack, Riot Zone!
Wii: Nitrobike, CSI: Hard Evidence, Samurai Warriors: Katana, Furu Furu Park
PSP: FlatOut: Head On
PC: Rail Simulator, FlatOut: Head On
DS: Nanostray 2

Nitrobike (Wii)

Nanostray 2 (DS)

CSI: Hard Evidence (Wii)

Rail Simulator (PC)

FlatOut: Head On (PSP, PC)

Furu Furu Park (Wii)

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