New releases: Demigod, The Dark Spire and more

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Well, not much of anything is out this week that interests me. It’s a good week for Atlus fans and fans of the Samurai Shodown series. Otherwise, the next few weeks of releases are going to be pretty dry. 

As always, the full list of releases and videos for most of the games are all after the jump. What’s looking sw33t to you this week, Dtoiders? 

Wii: Samurai Shodown Anthology, Zoo Vet: Endangered Animals, Escape The Museum

PC: DCS: Black Shark, City of Heroes: Architect Edition, Demigod, Cryostasis: The Sleep of Reason, Still Life 2

PS2: M&Ms Adventure, Guitar Hero: Metallica

DS: Black Sigil: Blade of the Exiled, Dokapon Journey, C.O.R.E., The Dark Spire, Imagine: Makeup Artist

PSP: Air Conflicts: Aces of World War II

Releasing 04/14:

Black Sigil: Blade of the Exiled
(DS — This game may have been delayed until May)

Dokapon Journey (DS)

Demigod (PC)

C.O.R.E. (DS)

Air Conflicts: Aces of World War II (PSP)

The Dark Spire (DS)

Dokapon Journey (DS)

Releasing 04/15:

Still Life 2 (PC)

Samurai Shodown Anthology (Wii)

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