New record: Call of Duty: Black Ops hits $360m in a day

Everyone knows that the Call of Duty franchise is hot sh*t. Lots of people buy it. But a game making $360 million in one day? That’s insane.

Call of Duty: Black Ops blew away every previous first-day sales record with $360 million pulled in on launch day. Mind you, that’s just the figure for North America and UK. The previous record was held by Modern Warfare 2, which nabbed an impressive $310 million in the 24 hour period. That’s two records, two years in a row, both for Call of Duty.

On that first day, November 9th, over 5.6 million copies of Black Ops were sold. Activision Blizzard’s top dog, Bobby Kotick, says that they’re also on track to beat a five day record of $550 million. Dollar bills, y’all.

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