New PSP model in Crisis Core pack

You should know by now that Sony and Square Enix team up to release a special limited edition PSP whenever a new title comes out, and we were becoming kind of numb to that, but now this Final Fantasy VII 10th Anniversary Limited edition system has us excited again. Fanboys are so easy and predictable!

This PSP is sleek and silver, and is decorated with the Final Fantasy VII 10th Anniversary logo as well as some nifty Cloud and Zach spiky-haired boy art. Each of these will be numbered for bragging rights. Pack in a sword strap and Crisis Core and you basically have a fanboy/fangirl/Sqenix whore orgasm in a box.

Those with sharp eyes will notice that this is the ‘new’, redesigned PSP that was recently announced at E3. Some lucky Japanese gamers (77,777 to be exact) will be getting this sexy silver version on September 13th, where it will sell for 25,890 yen (about 211 dollars).

[via famitsu]

Dale North