New PSP firmware has potential for Power Rangers download?

Our British and Irish PSP brothers-in-thumbs have already been gifted with the download service called Go!View. Go!View utilizes Sky Digital’s broadcasting ability to provide PSP users with several different services, channels, and access to movie downloads. That kind of opportunity may soon be available for North American PSP owners as well. PSPFanboy was recently lurking the Sony support page and found this nice bullet point pertaining to one of the new features of 4.05:

Support for PLAYSTATION Store Movies and TV video service.

Now, any reasonable person would say, “Wait until the Sony conference at 2 P.M. EST to speculate.” I’m not a reasonable person, though. How cool would it be to download Power Rangers: The Movie or the television series Dexter on your PSP? The options are as endless as we want them to be this early in the game. Imagine watching documentaries that pertain to hobbyist activities like making paper airplanes or collecting pieces of wood while you’re sweating on the elliptical machine. I wonder if any producer is thinking about offering an entire season of The West Wing?

Unfortunately, we can’t use this hidden functionality right now on our blessed little machines. If we could, what do you think will be offered? What movies would you want on your PSP?

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