New Prototype video: Developers talk Blackwatch


Prototype is looking really exciting, and I have high hopes for it. It’s encouraging then, that this new video shows how into it the developers are. They seem to have invested a lot of time thinking about the game world of an infected New York, and hopefully that care and attention will translate into a great new IP.

In this video, they tell us about the Blackwatch, a group of soldiers specializing in the wiping out of infections such as the one ravaging New York City. These will be your main enemies in the game, Okay, so they all look like the Combine Overwatch, but gas masks rule, so I’m not going to complain.

What do you think about this new game? Can you see yourself smashing up roads and swallowing human beings whole with wanton abandon, or will it just be Assassin’s Creed with claws?

Jim Sterling