New Pok?mon Anime: Pocket Monsters: Best Wishes!

I want to let you know that I didn’t add the “!” to this headline. That’s part of the title.

TV Tokyo has officially announced the new Pokemon television show, Pocket Monsters: Best Wishes!. This will kick off right after the current running Diamond and Pearl ends. The folks at ANN say that the story is set in a land called Ishuu, and that the stage will be set by the rest of Diamond and Pearl.

The Pokemon: Black and White you’ve been hearing about is the game that is tied to this section of the series. It will be released this fall, cashing in at the perfect time, right when people are just getting into the new season of the show.

Speaking of the television series, I have a Poke-confession: I bought and watched the first season of Pokemon on DVD back in the day. “Goodbye Pikachu” is still my favorite episode.

Next Pokémon Anime: Pocket Monsters: Best Wishes! [ANN]

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