New Pokemon game announced for mobile devices

Pokemon Co-Master

Pokémon Go isn’t the only Pokémon mobile game in the works.

In addition to Ingress developer Niantic’s upcoming augmented reality game, The Pokémon Company has announced a new collaboration with Japanese startup Heroz, Inc. on a free-to-play strategy board game title called Pokémon Co-Master.

Previously, Heroz has developed a number of board game apps and a powerful AI system that has been used to defeat a professional shogi (Japanese chess) player. Now, that same technology is being put to use in Pokémon Co-Master, as the developer is adapting it to create a challenging tactical experience where players battle their Pokémon to advance down a field toward their opponents’ territory.

Pokémon Co-Master is planned for a spring launch in Japan across iOS and Android platforms.

ポケモンとHerozが贈る、ポケモンのスマートフォン向けゲームアプリ最新作 『ポケモンコマスター』発表![The Pokémon Company]

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