New Pokemon, exclusive areas for Pokemon Black and White

First, the video above shows us some new Pokemon. They seem to be in the middle of one of the game’s “dress up” mini games, so we can’t be sure how their standard designs will look. All these blurry screengrabs show us is a floating blue octopus dressed in nothing but a top hat, a beard, and a smile, and a weird pink elf thing in a white dress, brandishing a giant war hammer. I’m hoping that those designs are for real. “The new Pokemon look too much like Digimon” my ass.

Also in Pokemon Black/White news, we have the revelation that the two games will each have its own exclusive area. In Black, you’ll get to go to a go to a strange city, where in White, you get a mysterious forest (see Gallery for more details). This gives me reason to choose White over Black, as my love of Animal Crossing over GTA has shown me that I generally prefer videogame forests to videogame cities. Of course, real Pokemaniacs will get both versions anyway; four versions if you count importing the games from Japan in September, then buying them again when they get localized.

How about you? What do you prefer, forests or cities? Flying blue octopi or hammer wielding elf-things?

Hey, did you know these things about Pokemon Black & White?– [Andriasang, via GoNintendo]

Pokemon Black/White- two new Pokemon– [GoNintendo]


Jonathan Holmes
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