New Plants vs Zombies trailer jams out with music video

I’m convinced that the people at PopCap games are a bunch of geniuses, otherwise how could I somehow be madly in love with a game hosted by a goddamn unicorn? I’ve been fascinated with their newest title, Plants vs Zombies, ever since I saw the first screenshot early last month. I’m glad I don’t have to wait much longer for this title, because after seeing the music video they made to promote the game (watch after the jump), I’m convinced this game is going to be in heavy rotation in my household very soon.

Is it just me or is making a music video the most freaking brilliant way to promote a game ever? Well, if the video is good, that is. And it’s very good indeed. Also, if you go to the Plants vs Zombies website, you can enter your email and get to download the game before the public release, plus get 10% off when you do buy it. There’s free wallpapers there too. We love you, PopCap!

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