New Phantom Hourglass screens

Since I know how much everyone enjoyed the new trailer for Legend of Zelda: The Phantom Hourglass, it would be criminal of me to withold these new screens. There are a few things to take note of in the screenshots, even though this is information most already know.

First, the touch screen is used for a variety of things, including making markings on the map. This can serve a few purposes, like marking treasure location and making notes on maps. It’s a pretty cool use of the touch screen and stylus, similar to the notepad concept used in Hotel Dusk.

Secondly, note that the game has a multiplayer feature (not WFC, regrettably). In one screenshot, you’ll notice that Link in is a maze. In this multiplayer mode, one player will control Link, and up to three other players will control a “Chaser.” As the Chaser, it’s your job to find Link in the maze in order to stop him from retrieving Force gems.

I bet you want the game even more now, eh? How does Q4 of 2007 sound?

Nick Chester