New Persona 4 trailer teases, taunts, kicks Optimus Prime’s ass

Don’t get me wrong. I know that the guys at Atlus are hard at work to make sure that we get our version of Persona 4 this holiday. But the Japanese are playing it now, and this new Japanese trailer makes me even more anxious for the US release date of December 9th.

The first fifteen seconds or so of this trailer has some familiar footage. But as it continues on, you’ll see some better character shots and hear some of the voice acting. And then it starts to pile on the situational shots and battle scenes, which put me on a geek high. I can’t wait for this!

Check out :44 in. Did Optimus Prime just get his ass kicked?

I wasn’t the only one who managed to talk to Atlus about Persona 4 last week. I nabbed this video from Spencer of Siliconera, who was also there to milk the staff for more details. Be sure to check out his intervew for even more on Persona 4

What do you think of this new trailer?

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