New Persona 4 character details: Yukiko Amagi

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I always get my panties in a wad when it comes to anything related to the Persona series of videogames. Today, EternalDeathSlayer’s Destructoid community blog wads my panties with news of a new Persona 4 character. EDS pulled this news from The Magic Box, but I did a bit more digging at the source, Famitsu.

This bespectacled gal’s name is Yukiko Amagi, and her Persona is named Konohana Sakuya.  Yukiko will be voiced in the Japanese version by Ami Koshimizu. She’s the main character’s classmate and the daughter of a high-standing landlady. It seems that Yukiko uses a fan to attack. Famitsu is guessing that her Persona will be of the fire class.

Also in EDS’s c-blog, Tragic Hero pointed out something I never noticed: all the characters wear glasses in battle. Could glasses be the new Evoker?

What do you think about this new character? What do you think about Persona 4 in general? Are you picking up Persona 3: FES next week?

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