New Persona 3 Portable trailer shows it all

Liked Persona 3? If so, I’d bet that this trailer for Persona 3 Portable will get you really excited. Why? It looks like the best version of Persona 3 yet. An upgrade on a portable? It’s crazy, I know, but it definitely looks like an upgrade from where I’m sitting.

In this Japanese trailer you’ll see some of the changes. Character interaction is shown with the new female protagonist. There’s new battle scenes and even a team attack for you to get googly eyes over. At around the 2:00 mark I noticed that town exploration looks a bit different. It seems like you’ll be moving a cursor over shops to enter them instead of having an avatar walk around. The sharp eyes of Siliconera noticed a couple of things, too. For one, a Persona 4 cameo. They also pointed out a series of doors in the video. Anyone that played all of Pesona 3 FES will recognize those. I wonder what’s up with that.

Come on, Atlus USA. Tell me you’re working on this.

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