New Persona 3: FES webisodes and footage

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I’m not entirely clear on what a webisode is, but Atlus has been making them for the upcoming Persona 3: FES, and they’ve sent over three new ones today.

The release of Persona 3: FES is right around the corner (April 22nd), and fans are chomping at the bit for the PlayStation 2 RPG. These three webisodes, “The Truth,” “Atonement,” and “The Sacrifice,” give us a bit of a better look at the game. But I can’t help but wonder if they go into spoiler territory. They all seem just short enough to tease, but I will say that “Atonement” shows a young Mitsuru, and I know there are plenty of Mitsuru fans out there. Does that classify as a spoiler? If so, you might just want to wait a week and play it for yourself.

After the jump, you’ll find the rest of these webisodes as well as the game’s introduction cinematic. Even more can be found on the Persona 3 Web page. 

The Sacrifice


Opening Cinematic

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